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Supermaids is an Allen maid service and Plano maid service providing residential house cleaning based in Richardson, Texas.  We have beencleaning housesover 30 years, offering guaranteed services.  Many of ouremployees have been with us more than twenty years, cleaning for our clients.  

The very first benefit of this house cleaning business strategy is that it removes the issue of unfamiliar people being in a client’s residence, thus eliminating the ability for the client to raise this as an issue. People get familiar with the workers from their cleaning service after time, and that is a strong way for a client to start to feel attached to the people taking care of their home.

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It’s not always the professionalism of the service that wins clients over, it’s also about the people doing the job and the client knowing who is doing it right that often does.

Secondly, who better to get to know client’s needs and wants, than the same people doing the same job, over and over again? Familiarity is the key, not only for the employees or staff members, but for the client as well. Keeping a client happy can be a challenging thing. When employees who are maintaining a client’s home are able to make a connection with the client, and can learn from their experience what makes the customer satisfied, a business stands a better chance of building trust and keeping the client long-term.

Lastly, these two elements of an approach to running a house cleaning service business combine to deliver another important aspect of the business, keeping employees long-term!

As any business person knows, the long-term success of a business often is associated in the ability of the business to keep employees happy, and to be able to hold on to them over time. This business model helps to accomplish this by establishing with the employee that they are important not only to the company but to the client as well, and helps them to feel more like a part of the business rather than just another tool in the companies toolbox.

This approach is a win-win solution for all involved.

To ensure that the maid service you hire can deliver consistent cleaning, be sure to inquire into how the cleaning business hires and retains employees.  Asking how long their employees stay and how they are assigned jobs will allow you to select the right Plano maid service for your home.